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Roselawn Cemetery

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Roselawn Cemetery

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In the heart of Livermore, California, lies a place where time stands still, memories are eternally cherished, and legacies live on. Welcome to Roselawn Cemetery, a hallowed ground where each gravestone tells a story of love, remembrance, and enduring tribute.


As you bear the grief of losing a loved one, we hope to help you create a lasting memorial during this difficult time. Our dedicated team is here to support you every step of the way – ensuring that your loved one's memory is preserved with the dignity they deserve.

Cemetery Manager


For over two centuries, Roselawn Cemetery has stood as an integral part of the Livermore community. Originally established in the 1800s as The Masonic Cemetery, our grounds have provided a tranquil sanctuary for families to pay homage to their loved ones and cherish their legacies.


In 1972, Masonic Cemetery was officially renamed Roselawn Cemetery; a name that elegantly reflects the serenity of our grounds. Today, we continue our legacy by honoring the residents, friends, and pioneers of the Livermore Valley. For more insights into our history, please visit our About Us page.

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Burial Grounds: 

Our burial grounds offer a serene and protected sanctuary, providing a peaceful environment for your loved ones' final resting place.​ We provide options for personalization, allowing families to create a unique and meaningful tribute. Each gravestone tells a story, and we take great care to ensure that these stories are preserved forever.

Cremation Niches:  

Cremation niches provide a respectful and lasting memorial option for those who choose cremation for their eternal rest. Our cremation niches offer a peaceful place for families to visit their loved ones. You can choose a location on the grounds that suits your family’s wishes and preferences.

Sunrise Circle:  

As the sun rises over the Livermore horizon, it illuminates a Sunrise Circle, symbolizing the enduring light of your loved one’s memory. Sunrise Circles allow families to pay tribute to their loved ones in a distinctive and tranquil setting, crafting moments of profound beauty and significance.

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Events and Features

Memorial Day Tribute: 

Each Memorial Day, Roselawn Cemetery hosts a heartfelt flag-raising ceremony to pay tribute to our honored veterans. In a touching display of respect, local Boy Scout troops place flags on the graves of these brave individuals.

Enhanced Grounds:

Roselawn has gone above and beyond to improve our facilities. We've expanded our services beyond the original dry care sections, creating beautifully landscaped areas suitable for both cremation and traditional casket ground burial. We have also introduced above-ground cremation niches, ensuring families have a diverse array of choices for their loved one's tribute.

For more information on our services or to speak with our team, you can reach us online or call us at 510-581-1206 EXT 2

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